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Pomegranate Pulp
Pomegranate Juice is extracted from sound, ripened and washed fruits, which are depended by a mechanical process. Thorough screening & separation techniques are used to make the juice free from particles and impurities. Subsequent processing involves commercial pasteurization which ensures food safety & composition as per international standards.

Pre-cooled juice in drums/pouches allows freezing at -18°C in a Blastfreezer.
Strictly hygienic conditions are maintained at every step along the processing line.
Health Benefits
Pomegranate juice is also believed to increase blood flow to the heart, and is extremely beneficial for
  people with ischemic heart disease
The juice of the fruit also has antiviral and antibacterial effects against dental plaque
Consumption of pomegranate juice has proven to help immensely in cases of prostate cancer or prostatic
  hyperplasia, diabetes or lymphoma

Used in making
Juices & Nectars Jams & Jellies        
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